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What customers are saying about Miki's services!

Coaching + Advising

Corporate client - Program Director

"Constructive, real-time, and immediately applicable feedback is what really makes a difference when time is limited.  Miki has a great sense for picking up on what skills can be improved and is courageous to communicate the gist of missing gaps."

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Translation + Facilitation

Publisher + Editor - CEO

"I've saved on so much time and resources thanks to Miki's extraordinary speed of delivery.  Despite, the high quality of content remains the same.  The initial investment is well-worth it for me, the team and the overall project. "

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Project Management

Corporate client - Regional VP

"With the changing work environment and dynamics, our team was not confident about gaining real results from the project, yet Miki's management and leadership style displayed continued confidence.  Evolving and growing with the situation, we learned so much about the innovation space through this process.  We hope to work with her again in the near future."

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