Miki Takashima works globally as a strategy and business advisor.  She has worked at the United Nations World Tourism Organization in Madrid, Spain - the first from Japan to be at headquarters.  She has served as management staff for boards of directors, senior executives, and strategy teams to lead and stimulate effective strategic planning and thinking. With international business and real-world expertise living and working in 4 completely different countries (Japan, Spain, Hong Kong, USA), her deep knowledge in conducting conversations across cross-cultures has hugely benefited organizations and their strategy teams.

List of Companies & Organizations

(in Alphabetical order)

  • Avex Entertainment

    • Tokyo, Japan (HQ)

  • JTB Foundation

    • Tokyo, Japan (HQ)

  • ShunTak Holdings

    • Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (HQ)

  • PATA - Pacific Asia Travel Association

    • Bangkok, Thailand

  • Wakayama National University

    • Wakayama, Japan

  • United Nations World Tourism Org

    • Madrid, Spain (HQ)

  • Business Strategy and Advising
  • Market Insight and Data Analysis
  • Localization
  • Translation / Transcription
  • International Research and Publications
  • Diveristy and Cross-Cultural Training
  • Curriculum Building for HR Training

SCope of work (examples)

as of jan 2019, miki is part of Women in music (WIM) japan as

Vice chair of fund raising!




Music,  Stage Production,

Live Entertainment, Theme Parks, Attractions


Travel, Tourism Business, Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Quality of Life


Surfing, Skateboarding, Branding and Promotion of Lifestyle Sports


Back end strategy for Technology Management and Strategies for Businesses

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