• Miki Takashima

Updates on Travel Entry (back) into Japan - COVID19

Happy mid-autumn festival, to my friends in China, HK, Korea...! I hope that the month of October is treating you wonderfully.

Did you know that there are 2 full moons this month? This must mean something great is happening. Let's keep our positivity up!

I have spent about 6 weeks now in the US, a much needed catch up with my family abroad. I remember when I used to fly to California from Tokyo almost 3 times a year, and it was such an easy flight. Direct. No hassle. Easy entry. Now, I still know what to expect, but I am patiently waiting what is in store for me when I return back to Japan. Do I need to quarantine? It seems like policy makers are changing their mind every other week, concerned about the economic impact of requiring a 14 day quarantine. Initially, when the Princess Cruise docked in Japan at the beginning of this year, hotels were actually receiving huge subsidies from the Japanese government. Now, with risks so low while financial and economical potentials not fulfilled, the quarantine requirement seems to be going away upon entry.

Some friends of mine have been surprised to hear that I have traveled internationally during this time, but it is not impossible :)

Just make sure that you are aware of restrictions, as they always are updating/changing according to the situation, and get the right information from the right sources. The news can sometimes be overwhelming, so check with local authorities and call ahead to avoid delays.

In local Japanese news (available in Japanese only):

新型コロナ 入国制限緩和 韓国とビジネスなどでの往来再開


All in all, this is a confusing society to be living in to say the least, but with ample resources out there, we should be able to navigate it in a healthy, forward-looking way somehow.

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My intention here on my blog is for those who come through to read about my unique story, and I do hope this helps or sparks understanding for our ever changing world. I am ever so grateful and blesse

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