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Through the grapevine - April 5, 2023

Hi all, it's April!

I start with gratitude that I am able to share my thoughts here online, and hoping everyone is doing really well, and loving each moment of life.

Still trying to "figure out" the best way to share ideas or categorize thoughts but I'll let that come naturally...


I'm happy to receive any feedback or comments at

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A few topics / my own perspectives I will touch upon in this very casual blog post today:

  1. Overtourism emerging again in Japan and entry situation at Kansai Airport

  2. WORLD EXPO 2025 Insights and Bidding Procedures as of April 2023

  3. Mindset, wellness and celebrating the joy of life :)


Here we go:


1. Overtourism emerging again in Japan and entry situation at Kansai Airport

I flew back with my friend to Osaka from Seoul last Sunday, where I was surprised to find that Asiana Airlines still had a mandate from the Japanese government to check vaccine records. As this post is more casual than based on official data points from government entities, please allow me to share that Japan continues to make me chuckle on this point. I really had to give a piece of my mind to the desk agent (my heart goes out to her on a personal level) since this triggered me a bit in a negative way for a moment.

With this said, we were further shocked upon arrival at KIX Kansai Airport in Osaka when the lines for the foreigners or non-Japanese was extensive. In a way, you could say that even with these restrictions, tourists and visitors are not discouraged to come to Japan, so would this be proving that Japan really is a strong destination to visit - still? I say yes. However, I assume that the majority of those in that line did not enjoy this entry experience.

The last point on this topic is that I am "hearing through the grapevine" that Kyoto is experiencing overtourism AGAIN, and the locals vs. tourist discussion opens up again. I quietly enjoyed Kyoto as a neighborhood close by to Osaka during COVID, and there was almost no traffic on the roads due to the lack of tourism - a benefit of being a local in the Kansai area. However, I can assume that the Kyoto government did not take this downtime as an advantage to prepare for overtourism. Japan is such a strange place; people want to be well-prepared and are risk adverse but typically do not know what to expect and work tends to be rushed to accommodate for this reason. A business practice that I do not appreciate. What are your thoughts on this?


2. WORLD EXPO 2025 Insights and Bidding Procedures as of April 2023

I've received a few emails and inquiries directly from advising groups to grab some insight into the EXPO in Kansai -- however, I am on the fence about how these practices really are going to help anyone or the intention behind it, so I have not been able to share my thoughts accordingly and in fact, it has been a bit frustrating as I am usually happy to share and flow through conversations and topics that I am well versed in. (Welcome to please let me know your thoughts on this as well)

Clearly, there are many parties out there who are curious about how the EXPO is developing, and despite the fact that information is available, it seems as though this is not top of mind for those who are struggling to gain knowledge. Interesting.

I see that "Best Practice" is a significant topic at this point as I found this link on one of the recent updates:

And they are currently looking for bids to showcase this for TEAM EXPO efforts and more on a global level, not just Japan.


3. Mindset, wellness and celebrating the joy of life :)

My dear friend has shared his professional advice recently, and his opinion was that I have changed jobs quite a bit. So much great perspective when you can open your heart to listen to what another individual is sharing; and I am so grateful for this. However, this is rooted in (1) a Japanese perspective and (2) an old paradigm which makes me so aware of the fact that I see society changing at a very high pace.

In other words, what's interesting for point (1) is that Japan has historically been a very safe working environment where 終身雇用 Shuushinkoyou was a real thing. This is both a positive and not so positive employment scheme when it comes to evolving or changing of lifestyles, for example.

The traditional corporate mindset requires employees to completely lose their identity (?) and become ONE with the company - what comes up is the concept of 大和魂 Yamatodamashii which is a bit questionable at this point in time, at least for me. This flows right into point (2) of this old paradigm that is definitely dismantling by the second, since working remotely is completely legitimate and online industries will not be able to survive with a "physical" or "in person" only mindset of working or collaborating. Oh, you will be surprised what I hear in Osaka... someone who wants to start an online business does not know how to use a computer. It's real.

What this allowed me to reflect on is the fact that I am looking for opportunities that allow for freedom and flexibility to further my higher education or exploration into what interests me, while serving the community, clients, customers and those who are interested in my ways of approaching problems or proposals of solutions. Since I freelance and those rates are set according to my abilities and capabilities, at this point, it may seem high for a traditional company -- however, from an efficiency and result oriented perspective, isn't it a good investment to pay for a consultant that can get the job done immediately rather than going on and on in loops without a goal? I guess corporates can dwindle in this loop and that is how they spend their time....? I would rather finish work quickly and concentrate on what I love - like meditating, playing tennis, listening to good music, cooking amazing food etc.

即戦力 Sokusennryoku is the term that is typically used in this context.

When I looked this term up online, there were a few awkward translations like "adaptable fighting potential" which is not incorrect but weird....

Life is such a gift and journey. Last year at this time, I was taking care of my mother as she almost intentionally decided to leave this physical world, it seems. This lesson and wisdom is so powerful for me to live life fully, and I am determined to continue discovering the world and its mysticism; never let anyone else define who you are...

Thanks to those who have taken the time to read through until the end.

Hopefully this is entertaining and helpful in some way to your life as well.

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