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Summer 2023: My Top 3 Favorite Health Podcasts

I am obsessed with self-improvement, to the point where I am always listening to different podcasts, usually from the USA, to keep my brain, mental wellness and nutrition updated as much as possible.

Here, I wanted to share some of the podcasts I am listening to this summer.

The only caveat and recommendation is that "you" need to do the "work" to spend some time to digest the information presented, so that it matches your own lifestyle and demands of life.

There is never a "perfect" show where you can align 100% with what is being said, and it seems there are some disappointments of expectations that come about in this sense.

Without further ado.

1) The Model Health Show by Shawn Stevenson

I always look at the presenter of the podcast.

Do they look happy? Do they look healthy? Are they excited about what they are talking about? In my view, Shawn is super interested and so enthusiastic about what he is researching, presenting and exploring ALL THE TIME. I enjoy the fact that he lets you do some thinking on your own, and checking in with what works for you. He keeps everything honest and sometimes on the spicy side, which keeps it human and not "textbook"... definitely No. 1 for me.

2) The Doctor's Farmacy by Dr. Mark Hyman

I think I've continued to listen to this podcast for at least 3-4 years now, since I started getting into Keto diets and other functional medicine concepts that were masked to me before.

3) The Functional Tennis Podcast by Fabio Molle

I just started listening to this podcast very recently, since I want to keep updated on tennis world trends.

Although I have not spent too much time yet, I enjoyed the episode (Episode 199) with the Physical Trainer of Sascha Zverev. To know what goes on in the smaller tennis clubs in Europe, and what kind of training programs the professionals are going through, this gives me inspiration to want to keep improving my game.

Of course, the physical training aspect is important, but also when the presenter talks about mindset strategies and how the professionals deal with mental challenges, this is the "good stuff" that I really want to know about.

Health is so important for all of us. Keep a level head!!




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