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  • 執筆者の写真Miki Takashima

Startup "1st" concepts without knowing it

Reflecting upon my career, I'm listing up the projects and key events that were actually "first" or "pioneering" in one way or another; it has been so normal for me, that I haven't given it the credit it deserves.

Before the boom of the "W" hotel brand, I was working on the design concepts / branding guidelines of this new idea without really knowing it.

Also, the aloft / element brands were in concept phase then.

Same goes for the SLS hotel brand lead by Philippe Starck.

Before knowing Carlos Ghosn was going to "leave" Japan, I was helping him and his defense team in probably the most desperate moment of his life - when he needed help the most, I was J/E bridging the most important conversations of his life! (Ask me for more juicy details if you dare).

Projection Mapping / New Technology from Canada - entering Japan and working with Sony on a new joint venture.

Japanese Entertainment company starting up a completely new office in Los Angeles.

The only Japanese employee in a Hong Kong based Hospitality / Entertainment Holdings company, as well as UNWTO :)

Starting up a new tourism research center in a Japanese national university.

Accelerator program for a large Japanese conglomerate - all online / remote across 4 countries during the height of the COVID pandemic. (How did I lead this, really?!)

And probably many more small gigs here and there that have served clients quickly, accurately, and with some playfulness as I like to have fun and SMILE when I'm working unlike the typical Japanese corporate employee.

Ohhh the other day when I was on a SUPER Japanese video call.... the sharp contrast I felt between my usual calls vs. this one? Come on guys, you only live once, why don't you have fun when you're doing your job? lol

Live life at a high vibration.

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