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Road to recovery: 3 behavioral changes to consider while COVID-19 lingers


We do not know how long the situation of not being able to travel freely will last.

However, the only option we have at this point is to patiently wait for official, governmental authorities to issue the big "OK". A concern we are facing is the fact that perhaps the life we go back to is not the same as what we were used to before this global pandemic.

It is easy to point fingers and play the blame game.... but we are all in this together.

In the meantime, would you rather mope and complain that you cannot travel?

Or, will you take this time to reconsider your travel plans and be well-prepared once travel is allowed and socially accepted?

I am optimistic, although the timing is not certain, that travel and tourism will be back in full swing sometime in the future. Although, we need to understand that data shows a very negative trend, obviously since staying at home is what is highly recommended.

JTB Tourism Research & Consulting (based in Japan) reports the introduction of the downward trend for February 2020 - Inbound 1.09MM (-58.3%), Outbound 1.32MM (-14.2%): percentages compared to same month in 2019.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) reports 96% of global destinations imposing travel restrictions at this time in response to the pandemic.

For inspiration, consider the following to get through this uncertain and challenging time:

1) Pick up a language to learn or brush up on

You always wanted to visit Portugal; why not pick up that language textbook you bought 2 years ago?

2) Listen to a new Podcast you never listened to before

I personally recommend Adam Conover's Factually!

3) Buy a few new ingredients for your new culinary challenge at home

I started juicing and making my own fresh juice!

Staying home seems to be a must, but to fight cabin fever, continue to take brief walks and talk to loved ones to keep sane!

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