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Legends - Stanford Commencement Speech by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is such an inspiration, right?

So grateful to have spent 3+ summers in the 90s and early 2000s at Stanford University and the Bay Area/Menlo Park when this was happening in real time. The major points in this video.... :D 1) Connecting the dots 2) Love what you do, and don't settle 3) The importance of appreciating death. "You are already naked, there is no reason not to follow your heart" <3 My interpretation for the 3 points: 1) Building experience / your career, especially when you're younger, just trying different things that interest you. I have not been afraid to hop around and not stay in the same job for a "long time" because I literally had the calling to explore various industries. I am now what one may call a "generalist" and I feel that is my strength given that I add value by sharing my advice and staying on top of general world trends. This is my expertise, and I will continue evolving in whatever direction my heart calls me to.

However, I do have a strong love for hospitality, tourism, entertainment, so this is probably what will continue to be at the core of my interest and passion. Regional expertise is always going to be Japan because of my language ability, perhaps. 2) This doesn't require any "interpretation" - but what I can elaborate on is the fact that leaving a job requires a lot of courage. Realizing that it is time to switch is huge! Giving yourself permission to change is where can you grow, and letting go and seeing how you feel... wow. That is a 10. 3) Death happens everyday. Actually, your hair falls out, skin is peeling etc. right? So... this is normal. Listen closely to what Steve Jobs had to say - he experienced a close call, and I can feel that he appreciated life even more after his recovery as he mentions in his video here. So. How will you live your life? :)

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I am obsessed with self-improvement, to the point where I am always listening to different podcasts, usually from the USA, to keep my brain, mental wellness and nutrition updated as much as possible.

Hi all, it's April! I start with gratitude that I am able to share my thoughts here online, and hoping everyone is doing really well, and loving each moment of life. Still trying to "figure out" the b

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