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Japan vs China - A cultural mindset difference: Hospitality Industry (with sound!)

Hi friends!

I had a very valuable and insightful conversation with a friend from Mainland China who works in the luxury hospitality services industry recently - and they continue to give me great insight and ideas for comparisons between business cultures in Japan vs China.

Before COVID, he was coming to Japan a lot for work! Now that things are settling down, although he did say that it took him about 2 hours to get through Narita (not Haneda) airport to get into the city -- things are looking BETTER! Fhew.

By the way, I like to keep these blog posts kind of on the more causal side - rather than being super serious. Have you noticed that? :)

For this nugget of my sharing, I used a different medium / platform, as I'm exploring what comes out most genuinely from my point of view - If you enjoy an Americanized influence of the English language to listen to (I got some feedback recently saying, "wow you're so American" so I am sharing this accordingly! ) -- you may like this soundbite...!

Miki - China V Japan Insight - Hospitality Service Differences

If the link above does not work, please try this:

Thank for the attention and I look forward to your feedback, comments, rants and any other responses.

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I'm doing this mostly to share knowledge and highlight random yet usually useful bits of learning that can hopefully benefit you and your life when you think about global issues. We all want to work collaboratively with different people, but sometimes, you don't know what you don't know. So, there you go! Happy explorations!




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