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  • 執筆者の写真Miki Takashima

Japan Career Workshop for Women's day!

Did you know that March 8 is Women's day?

My good friend Kina and I are thinking about putting together an event (and potentially more if it proves to be popular!) for professionals who are exploring Japan as their next step in their career. This is because we have many inquiries that land in our laps from friends / our network that want more info about Japan - apparently, it's hard to find info about Japan and how to work here?!

We want to serve and support the community of women especially during this time - because there's still a lot of challenges as females in the work place although it's improving.... and we both have interesting episodes to share + extensive experience working in Japan.

Most likely this event will be online / virtual, and the purpose is to help explore different opportunities that you wouldn't be able to just thinking about things on your own!

Please reach out to us if you feel inspired or you have questions ahead of time that we could address during the event.

Date : March 8 as a kick off; event(s) will be scheduled accordingly!!

Time: TBD

Venue: Online

Email Miki @ :

Email Kina @:




I am obsessed with self-improvement, to the point where I am always listening to different podcasts, usually from the USA, to keep my brain, mental wellness and nutrition updated as much as possible.

Steve Jobs is such an inspiration, right? So grateful to have spent 3+ summers in the 90s and early 2000s at Stanford University and the Bay Area/Menlo Park

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