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  • 執筆者の写真Miki Takashima

Anchorstar / General Assembly Event in Toranomon

Excited to share that I was in Tokyo last week for Tech Week by General Assembly in Toranomon.

My own perspectives: A few key takeaways on re-skilling and on the ground discussions:

- Japan's Cabinet / National Personnel Authority is aware of current HR conditions. Now what will they actually do and take action on investing in motivating, changing mindset and actually impacting how the Japanese government works "for the better"?

- Comparison between Cambridge (MIT; fun sidenote → my dad went there lol) vs. Tokyo; Not sure if this really serves a purpose because the baseline of languages spoken are different. English is obviously the main language in the US, Japanese is spoken in Japan. Fuzzy. Then is there a need to focus on teaching better English to the local Japanese? Who's doing that?

- General comparisons between US + developed countries and Japan; highlights about how Japan has always been an "entrepreneurial" country. Good! We know this already :)

- Nothing to worry about since we're all doing well. If you're US centric, definitely consider programs like GA for your company / team to upskill. There are many great resources out there for expanding partner networks now.

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