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Alternative Menus...? : Wellness, Health & Cleanliness (Series 6)


July 29th, 2020

While most of us spend an increasing amount of time at home, both for work and "being home", it is clear that we are looking at different options for dining.

Unfortunately, I saw that there was a restriction imposed in Hong Kong for dining out in the past few days. I truly wish that this will settle down soon, and everyone will be able to enjoy foods in restaurants and cafes as usual.

When you are running around, getting your daily tasks done, it is easy to stop thinking about food as a top priority.

I am sure that many just end up buying ready-made food, which is not expensive and readily available.

But have you really thought about what is in your food? What is in your beverages?

Surely, we trust the "brand" and that is why we purchase these products in the first place, right?

I had a chat with some friends this morning about beverages, specifically milk and other alternatives they are familiar with. For my circle of friends, who are based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, they are quite familiar with Soy milk as an alternative to regular cow's milk. There are several different reasons they grew up with this option, which is quite interesting and eye-opening for someone like me who grew up in Japan. I guess I am not the "traditional Japanese individual" who attended local schools, and I lack this particular perspective which includes knowledge about "kyuushoku" or "catered school lunches".... My mother was literally the one responsible for my health and well-being as she had to cook everyday for my family...

What options do we have now, instead of the traditional milk?

I saw that in actuality, there are not many alternative milks available in Japan currently.

Starbucks Japan did a short promotion where there were a few alternative milks available to choose from, which was exciting for me. However, I went back there for a quick latte, and the alternative milks were already gone - so I did not buy coffee! :(

Also, the condiment bar is no where to be found now. Is this the same for other countries?!

As we spend more time in the kitchen ourselves, perhaps being able to manage and cook up your own meal, is a real life skill that children need to be familiar with.

Although, I wonder if parents are too busy these days to teach kids how to cook?

Are they using delivery or pick up services for foods to fill this need?

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