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The Story

About miki

Expert + Coach

in cross cultural business strategy building,

facilitation + project implementation

A global citizen at heart, Miki has 15+ years of comprehensive cross-border business experience in strategic partnership + network building with Japan as her base market.  Passionate about serving the international business community by fast tracking, facilitating and delivering new digital technology and content into and from Japan, she continues to grow and impact various industries including but not limited to smart cities, hospitality, tourism, and entertainment + media.   Her agile attitude and growth mindset stems from living + working in the USA, Spain, Hong Kong + Japan. 


To work with high performers who want to improve and appreciate the "kaizen" or "growth mindset";


To serve and help people + businesses clarify their goals, communicate their mission and vision across cultures, time zones and any other challenges.


Vision comes from being able to imagine what doesn't physically exist YET, and this requires a "want to discover", reflection and an open mind.   I am honored to be part of this process of vision building with you.

SG Ban Ki Moon Visit to UNWTO HQs
Hyatt Student Prize Paris Dec 2013
CPP Collins College
Hyatt Student Prize


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